Realized projects

Realized projects

Spring 1996

A new current-technology aircraft TU-204-100 was leased to “Perm Airlines”. Later in 1999 the plane was submitted to the lease agreement with the “Siberia Airlines”. In 2000 the air company bought the aircraft.
Configuration: 2 cabins, 172 seats

Autumn 1996
The program of providing efficiency of PS-90A engines within the “life cycle” is developed for “Aeroflot-RA”
Autumn-Winter 1997

Purchase of the second TU-204-100 in JSC “Aviastar” for lease to “Kavminvodyavia” Airlines.

Configuration: 2 cabins, 172 seats

April 1999

Purchase of Yak-40 for business flights. The plane was operated under the lease agreement by Perm Airlines. 
In  March, 2003 it was sold to Perm Airlines.
Configuration: 2 cabins, 17 seats

April 2002

The first liner TU-154 is leased to “Bashkir Airlines” (Ufa city). Later in March, 2003 it was sold to “Perm Airlines”.
Configuration: 3 cabins (8F, 38C, 92Y)

May 2002

After the overhaul in the maintenance plant TU-154B-2 (registration №85557, serial №82A557) is leased by UTair Aviation (Surgut City).
Configuration: 2 cabins, 164 seats

April 2003

After the overhaul in the maintenance plant one more TU-154B-2 (registration № 85504, serial № 81F504) is leased to UTair Aviation.
Configuration: 2 cabins, 164 seats.

December 2004

After the overhaul repair the aircraft TU-154B-2 (registration № 85550, serial № 82A550) is leased to  UTair Aviation. 
Configuration: 3 cabins (8F, 38C, 92Y)

March 2006

The TU-154M aircraft (registration № 85789, serial № 93A973) after  the overhaul repair was equipped for international routes and totally meets the requirements of ICAO Chapter 3 (noise and emission level). The plane is operated by UTair Aviation. 
Configuration: 2 cabins, 166 seats

April 2006

The project of TU-154M upgrading is realized, the aircraft (registration № 85788, serial № 93A972) equipped for international routes is sold to UTair Aviation.
Configuration: 2 cabins, 166 seats

October 2006

The first modernized TU-154M aircraft (regisration № 85013) was supplied according to the leasing scheme. The aircraft is operated by UTair Aviation.

December 2006

UTair Aviation has been handed over for operation the second modified Тu-154М aircraft (registration № 85016). The aircraft was fitted with winglets of new configuration and “Hexcel” light weight honeycomb floors. It allows to improve fuel economy and increase aircraft payload.

March 2007

A handing over and acceptance of the third TU-154M (registration № 85018) with modernized wings and deck floor is carried out to Utair Aviation. 

April 2007

The 4th Tupolev TU-154M (registration № 85056) was delivered to Utair Aviation. The aircraft is retrofitted with winglets and equipped with lightweight honeycomb floor.

June 2007

We have leased the fifth Tu-154M (registration № 85069) Aircraft,  which was modernized to get the characteristics of fuel consumption and payload improved. The A/C is operated by UTair Aviation.

November 2007

"Avialeasing" completed a delivery of TU-154M aircraft, to Utair Aviation in the framework of lease agreement.

December 2007

The passenger aircraft Tu-154M type, line number 85685 was delivered to UTair; it was the second of the three aircraft of the series to be supplied to the air carrier

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