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Avialeasing Company is ready to buy 5 or 6 i-8/17(V, AMT) helicopters and their models manufactured in 1991 or later which need an overhaul reconditioning and are at the price starting from USD 1,000,000 or 1,300,000 per unit. The Company is ready for long-term cooperation.
Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The contract was signed between Balkan Avialeasing and Avionams to formalize agreement of the parties to cooperate within the scope of implementation of overhaul reconditioning of six Mi-8/17 helicopters. Avionams is one of the major European plants performing overhaul reconditioning and maintenance of flying vehicles, offering an extensive range of services regarding repair and upgrading of Mi-8/17 military and civil helicopters, Mi-24 helicopter, MiG and Sukhoi combat aircrafts and L-39 trainer airplanes. Besides, the plant is engaged in periodical inspections and maintenance of the above listed flying machines.
On December 08, 2014 the Arbitration Court of Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District (Yugra) commenced the proceedings regarding the application on inconsistency (bankruptcy) of OJSC UTair Aviation (the Air Company) from CJSC IFC Avialeasing.
Sergey Sopov: The first soviet space launch site could and should be preserved General Director of Avialeasing Company refreshes Baikonur history and shares his outlook on its conceivable future Its been nearly 20 years from the Soviet era of extensive space exploration. Back in those days, booster rocket Energy lifted the winged spaceship Buran into orbit, while advances were made to work towards its piloted flight. August of 1991 put an end to the ambitious aspirations. Since then, Baikonur space launch site a cradle of Yuri Gagarins first orbital travel was wearing off its former glory and survival potential. Presently it employs only an ounce of its impressive capacity erected on the peak of two world powers space competition, while its idle facilities are falling in decay. Sergey Sopov, Avialeasing Company General Director, believes that there is still a chance for us to preserve the existing space logistic infrastructure for future generations of Earth-dwellers. Still, the expert warns us, tomorrow may be too late.
Company Avialeasing and Moskovia Airline signed the agreement of two cargo Boeing 737-400F aircraft leasing project implementation.
The official documents received from "Airline" UTair ", public corporation (further - Airline) by "Investment-financial company "Avialeasing", JSC (further - Avialeasing) stated, that the Airline had two aircrafts which are the property of Avialeasing andleased by the Airline overhauled...
First Superjet delivered to Aeroflot
The largest Russian airline Aeroflot and United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) signed the acceptance report for the first aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100. According to ITAR-TASS news agency information the aircraft is getting its register number now.
June 16, 2009, Paris Today as part of the International Paris Air Show, the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company and the Investment Financial Company Avialeasing announced the signature of the contract for the delivery of 24 Sukhoi Superjet 100/95B aircraft. The contract, fixing agreements reached last year at Farnborough, is valued at 715 mln. USD in catalogue prices.
On March 26th, 2009 the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of The Western Ural Aviation Equipment MRO Center, CJSC was held.
AVIALEASING Company and Perm Airlines Perm Federal State Unitary Aviation Enterprise under the auspices of Perm Region Government have come to terms of signing an agreement to establish a civil aircraft maintenance center in Perm
The Investment Financial Company Avialeasing, JSC might implement in Perm Region a large-scale investment project, which would prove the Perm region to be one of the centers of Russian aviation industry the status that has been cracked for the years of economic reforms.
The Expert RA rating agency has awarded the reliability B+ rating (sufficient level of reliability) to the Investment Financial Company AVIALEASING JSC.


Spring 1996

A new current-technology  aircraft TU-204-100 was leased to  Perm Airlines. Later in 1999 the plane was submitted to the lease agreement with the Siberia Airlines. In 2000 the air company bought the aircraft.
Configuration: 2 cabins, 172 seats

Autumn 1996
The program of providing efficiency of PS-90A engines within the life cycle is developed for Aeroflot-RA
Autumn-Winter 1997
Purchase of the second TU-204-100 in JSC Aviastar for lease to Kavminvodyavia Airlines
Configuration: 2 cabins, 172 seats
April 1999
Purchase of Yak-40 for business flights. The plane was operated under the lease agreement by Perm Airlines.
In  March, 2003 it was sold to Perm Airlines.
Configuration: 2 cabins, 17 seats
April 2002
The first liner TU-154 is leased to Bashkir Airlines (Ufa city). Later in March, 2003 it was sold to Perm Airlines.
Configuration: 3 cabins (8F, 38C, 92Y)
May 2002
After the overhaul in the maintenance plant  TU-154B-2 (registration  85557, serial  82A557) is leased by UTair Aviation (Surgut City).
Configuration: 2 cabins, 164 seats
April 2003
After the overhaul in the maintenance plant one more TU-154B-2 (registration 85504, serial 81F504) is leased to UTair Aviation.
Configuration: 2 cabins, 164 seats.
December 2004
After the overhaul repair the aircraft TU-154B-2 (registration 85550, serial 82A550) is leased to  UTair Aviation.
Configuration: 3 cabins (8F, 38C, 92Y)
March 2006

The TU-154M aircraft (registration 85789, serial  93A973) after  the overhaul repair was equipped for international routes and totally meets the requirements of ICAO Chapter 3 (noise and emission level). The plane is operated by UTair Aviation.
Configuration: 2 cabins, 166 seats

April 2006
The project of TU-154M upgrading is realized, the aircraft (registration 85788, serial 93A972) equipped for international routes is sold to UTair Aviation.
Configuration: 2 cabins, 166 seats
October 2006
The first modernized TU-154M aircraft (regisration 85013) was supplied according to the leasing scheme. The aircraft is operated by UTair Aviation.
December 2006

UTair Aviation has been handed over for operation the second modified u-154 aircraft (registration 85016). The aircraft was fitted with winglets of new configuration and Hexcel light weight honeycomb floors. It allows to improve fuel economy and increase aircraft payload.

March 2007
A handing over and acceptance of the third TU-154M (registration 85018) with modernized wings and deck floor is carried out to Utair Aviation. 
April 2007
The 4th Tupolev TU-154M (registration  85056) was delivered to Utair Aviation. The aircraft is retrofitted with winglets and equipped with lightweight honeycomb floor. 
June 2007

We have leased the fifth Tu-154M (registration 85069) Aircraft,  which was modernized to get the characteristics of fuel consumption and payload improved. The A/C is operated by UTair Aviation.

2007 November
 "Avialeasing" completed a delivery of TU-154M aircraft, to Utair Aviation in the framework of lease agreement.
December 2007
The passenger aircraft Tu-154M type, line number 85685 was delivered to UTair; it was the second of the three aircraft of the series to be supplied to the air carrier
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