Expert evaluation of aircrafts

The Avialeasing Company

Avialeasing Company offers its assistance in expert evaluation of aircrafts. The expert opinion involves comprehensive research and detailed study of equipment and aggregates. The expertize uses methods applied to engineering products. In the course of the research, the aircraft parameters are checked against the established operational requirements in order to determine the safety level of evaluation items. Upon completion of work, a formal conclusion on the state of air transport is provided.

Expert evaluation of aircrafts may be necessary in case of aircraft sale or purchase, for tax-related formalities, insurance and lease agreements, ship mortgage, determination of customs value for import into the Russian Federation, etc.

Expert evaluation of aircrafts is performed versus functional and operational classification of aircrafts.

The principal aim of the expertise is appraisal of the aircrafts market cost. Income, comparison and cost approaches are used for appraisal of aircrafts.

For a closer estimation of aircrafts cost required for financial reporting, the expertise is performed in line with current regulations and comprehensive accounting standards of the company.

Expert evaluation of aircrafts is performed in the following sequence:

  • Execution of preliminary agreement
  • Execution of master agreement
  • Aircraft status analysis, including physical inspection
  • Major units value analysis
  • Detailed evaluation of maintenance reliability
  • Risk assessment - Credit risk assessment
  • Geographic risk assessment

To register your request, we need you to send us the following information by e-mail:

  • Summary of the evaluation item: name, alphanumeric model code, name of the maker;
  • Your contact details (telephone, e-mail).
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