• Mi-17

    Mi-17P is a single-rotor helicopter with five-lobed three-hinged main rotor and three-lobed steering rotor. Unlike in Mi-8P, the steering rotor is mounted on the left side to act as a pusher. The tricycle landing gear is non-retractable, and is equipped with castor nose wheel locked in-flight. The steering rotor is protected by a tail crutch. The power unit consists of 2 turboprop engines TV3-117VM with VR-14 and VSU AI-9V main rotor transmission. The power unit is equipped with automatic main rotor revolution regulation system and engine synchronizing system. Engine air inlets are equipped with dust protectors. 26 soft passenger seats are available in Mi-17P cabin.
  • Specification

    Maximum takeoff gross weight

    13000 kg

    Service ceiling

    6000 m


    2 persons

    Power units

    2 х TV3-117VM

    Takeoff power

    2 х 2000


    Peak speed on the deck

    250 km/h

    Cruising speed

    230 km/h


    Overall length

    25.31 m

    Overall height

    5.54 m

    Main rotor diameter

    21.29 m

    Passenger compartment width

    2.34 m

    Passenger compartment height

    1.8 m

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